About the trainers

Alisdair Burcher - Managing Director TouchPro UK

Ally Bio PhotoIn 1991, after qualifying in holistic massage and on-site chair massage, Alisdair realised that shorter seated sessions were a great way of introducing more people to massage, so he set up StressBusters, the first registered mobile massage company in the UK.

In 1997, Alisdair was invited to set up TouchPro UK by David Palmer, the founder of the TouchPro Institute in the US. Alisdair is honoured to share David’s work with students from all over Europe.

Alisdair’s personal experience with bodywork has had a profoundly beneficial effect on his health and wellbeing, allowing him to cope with the demands of being a single parent, and inspiring him to give up an unfulfilling job. He is passionate about helping people to fulfil their own potential.

He hopes to welcome you to one of our TouchPro courses soon.


David Palmer - CEO TouchPro Institute

David Palmer Bio Pic 12In 1997, Massage Magazine hailed David as the “father” of contemporary Chair Massage for the significant role that he has played in the growth of one of the most ubiquitous segments of the bodywork services industry. In 2007, David was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.

David began his professional massage career in 1980. Before his teacher, Takashi Nakamura, returned to Japan in 1982, he prepared David to assume operation of The Amma Institute. The Amma Institute was the first school in the United States exclusively devoted to traditional Japanese massage. It was here that David first began experimenting with teaching his graduates to work on clients seated in a chair, rather than lying on a table. In 1989 David stepped down as Director of the school to focus full-time on the development of the Chair Massage industry.

Developer, the first chair for seated massage
In 1983, David began work on the first special chair to make seated massage comfortable and convenient for both the customer and the practitioner. [Story of the first massage chair.] In 1986, his chair was introduced to the bodywork profession by Living Earth Crafts and has served as the basic model for all subsequent massage chairs. To date there are over fifteen massage chairs and tabletop units on the market that have been sold to hundreds of thousands of practitioners worldwide. David currently works with Stronglite manufacturing company to develop and maintain what we believe to be the best massage chair on the market.